When I was younger, I never really cared much about skincare. Facial cleanser, and moisturizer. That was it. I didn’t give much thought about what kind of product I was using. I was just using what my mom was using.

Years later when I entered my mid-20s, I started breaking out. That was when I started researching like I was about to have a thesis defense on acne.

Who knew there were so many ingredients that were harmful yet so common in a lot of products? Apparently, some anti-acne products have ingredients that could even worsen acne. Products like St. Ives anti-acne exfoliating scrub were popular. So, I bought it thinking it would help me(it didn’t). Hacks like coconut oil as a moisturizer and rubbing lemon to my skin, which I also tried it because it was popular and labeled as ‘skin hacks’ but it was oh so so wrong.

I wouldn’t have known that all these commercialized products or popular skin hacks were actually bad for my skin if I hadn’t discovered my ‘mentors’. Their informative videos helped me so much and I’m sure they will help you too!

Here are the top 3 YouTubers you should follow if you want to learn more about skincare.

1. Liah Yoo

This girl, man she’s a life changer! I learned so much about her and she explains everything so well.  She’s like my online dermatologist! It was because of her I really started paying attention to the ingredients of the products I’m using both in skincare and in make-up. She even has her own skincare brand called ‘Krave Beauty’ and though I haven’t tried it yet, I know her products have a lot of great reviews and are a holy grail for most people. Can’t wait to get my hands on them son so I can also try and review them!

2. James Welsh

James Welsh is like the friend I have always wanted. He has a fun personality, he’s very knowledgeable in skincare and I can honestly listen to him talk all day with his gorgeous accent and voice. Like me, he too is a fan of Korean products and believes that said products can help the skin. He explains common skin problems, he busts skincare myths and fads, does recommendations, and reviews. I like how he can also be very honest with the products he reviews therefore I feel like I can trust him completely.

3. Beauty Within

If James Welsh was the friend I wish I had then these 2 girls from beauty within were the sisters I never had. Like the two YouTubers I mentioned, these gals really explain and go even more in-depth on everything related to skincare. Watching their videos will make you feel like you’re going to beauty school since you’re learning so much from them.

I know there are a lot of popular YouTubers out there who talk about skin care. But for me, these three are like the three musketeers, or the trinity of beauty gurus in YouTube.

Hopefully, these channels will help you as much as they helped me. And, if you’re like me who’s just starting the Kbeauty lifestyle, these 3 will help you as well since they are also fans of Korean skincare and what it offers.

Who are your favorite YouTube beauty gurus?