When I was a young girl, I thought being 25 was the pinnacle of adulthood. You know those chick-flick movies of a woman having it all? Walking down the street with multiple shopping bags in each hand, travelling the world, having a promotion, while at the same time falling in love with the man of her dreams? Somehow in my tiny mind, I thought those women were 25 years old. At 25, is when someone has their own car, own house, someone who has reached the peak of their career, or someone who was married and starting a family. You’ve got everything figured out and life was good at 25

Now, here I am at that age and boy let me tell you that I have nothing on the list I just mentioned. For the record, no one influenced me or told me about 25 being the magic number. Not my parents, friends, or the movies, so I have no one to blame for these ludicrous expectations but myself.

To be fair, when I was 24, I already knew I wouldn’t have those things. But at least I had a great new job and I was already planning the different adventures I would have when I turned 25. It was exciting for me. The year 2020 seemed so full of opportunities. I wanted to improve myself and just start my journey of being that mature successful woman in my childhood fantasy.

*sigh* surprise, surprise, I didn’t have that.

What I do have instead is a big ball of anxiety thinking how I’m getting older, and have nothing figured out. I feel completely lost and dejected and unsure of everything. Oh, and let’s not forget about the anxiety this pandemic is causing all of us shall we?

Whoopdi doo.

But, I guess putting this much pressure on myself to be successful in life at 25 is too much. Sure, others may seem to have it figured out by this age, but ever since I stepped into ‘adulthood’ I realised how difficult that can be achieved. Maybe we need to remind ourselves that life isn’t a race.

Here’s a little meme I always think about(no joke) whenever I feel like everyone around me is accelerating and succeeding while I’m in the corner being an anxious kamote(sweet potato):

King Neptune vs. SpongeBob SquarePants | Know Your Meme

I remind myself to be like Spongebob here. He takes his sweet time to prepare the best Krabby Patty. He doesn’t look at King Neptune, isn’t bothered that Neptune made thousands of Krabby Patties already. All Spongebob is focused on is HIS work, and wants to make sure he does it well even if it takes time. I mean, right?! Who knew Spongebob memes could run deep?

So yeah, one of your friends may have started a family at 25, while another just got married at 35. One started a business at 20 while another discovered their passion at 40. No matter how late or early we discover what we really want in life it’s important not to pressure ourselves, and definitely important not to compare ourselves to others. Now, I know it can be difficult sometimes with social media and all, but never ever compare your life to others. We aren’t on the same race track. We are on our own race track and really, the people who we should be racing against is ourselves. You want to push yourself and go a step further than your past self.

As for me, this blog is that one push, that one Krabby Patty. I have always loved writing and consider it as more of a passion than a hobby. I honestly don’t know if I can make a career out of this, but at least I pushed myself to try something new, something I’ve always wanted to do! And that move has placed me to a spot further than my other self who was afraid to do anything.

So, to those who have figured out what they want to do in their life, right on! And to those, who are like me, that is still a bit lost and confused, not to worry! We will eventually see the light at the end of theis seemingly long tunnel. We will look back at this moment right now and laugh about how clueless we once were. Great things take time after all.