Get your fave Christmas movies and cookies lined up,  because it’s finally that time of the month to binge on any guilty pleasures and not feel guilty about it!

I always get excited when it’s finally December. It’s when Christmas songs are now on full blast, adding even more Christmas decors to the house and the Christmas lights that were displayed in November seem brighter when it’s in December. It’s definitely my favorite month of the year.

For every holiday, I always change my phone and laptop wallpaper to really get the feel of the holidays. And as my early Christmas gift to you all, I’ve created 5 free desktop wallpapers for you to use! Speaking of gifts, are your Christmas gifts ready?

Christmas Wallpapers for desktop

Jolly Holly Christmas Wallpaper

Classic Christmas Wallpaper

Cute Pink Christmas Wallpaper

Sweet Treats Christmas Wallpaper

Minimalist Christmas Wallpaper