Should you start a blog when the blogging community is dying? Is it even dying?

I was watching a video by a YouTuber whose channel is called best dressed. It was a video called ‘how to find your style’ (planning to up my fashion game soon, and would probably share my journey here!) and later on, she says something like make your own space where you can talk about fashion and connect with like-minded people. For her, it was YouTube which she obviously recommended doing, Instagram, Tumblr, and then she says “You can start a blog… if anybody still does that” and before I go on a rant about what she said, I remember talking to someone a few weeks ago and asked me what I was doing during the pandemic, and I said I started a blog. He then replied “why a blog and not a vlog? Don’t people your age usually prefer vlogging? Isn’t that the trend?”

So okay, what I’m hearing from these two is just because vlogging is now the trend, why bother with blogging?

So, is blogging dead?

Let’s face it, vlogging or being a YouTuber is way more popular now and it’s definitely on trend.

But! Just because one thing is on ‘trend’ doesn’t mean the others are dead.

And let me tell you the blogging community is still VERY MUCH ALIVE. The fact you’re even reading this, and the fact that I still see a lot of people joining or are interested in starting a blog means it’s still a bustling community.

Blogging in 2021

If you’re still unsure if you should start a blog or not, I say go for it! One big major (and might I add amazing) difference between having a blog vs being a YouTuber is that you OWN your blog. You have your own website, your own domain name. It’s like you have your own house and lot with a deed to your name, while other forms like YouTube or even Instagram, you’re just renting. That blog is yours, and it’s a nice feeling having something for yourself on the big worldwide web.

Should you Blog or Vlog?

Blogging and vlogging are both amazing ways to get yourself out there and make content. They both inform and entertain a wide variety of audiences. Just because one is a trend, doesn’t undermine the other. Remember, trends come and go, and often change. If you want to get serious about creating content then do what you want to do. Whether that’s writing or filming, you should do what you can see yourself doing in the years to come because you enjoy it and love it! 

But of course who says you can only stick to one? Why not challenge yourself and do both? There are lots of bloggers and vloggers out there. Though my advice is to start on one specific thing first so you don’t get too overwhelmed. Learn the basics and post some content on one platform, and when you’re ready to expand your ‘brand’ or your audience, then you can start posting on the other platform!

So, again, do what you love to do, do what you enjoy to do, do what inspires you and makes you happy! You do you no matter what other people say.

Oh, and P.S.

No hate against ‘bestdressed her video was super informative and her style is really cute!