Wearing lipsticks every day can be drying to your lips, especially mine. That’s why tinted lip balms are so amazing! Not only does it enhance the look of your lips but it also moisturizes it.

Now, I don’t know why, maybe I’m looking at the wrong places but GOOD yet affordable tinted lip balms are hard to find.

The most common tinted lip balm I can find is the Maybelline’s Baby lips color. But, I really dislike that lip balm. I didn’t like the fake-color effect it gave when I wore it. Worse is this lip balm made my lips even drier.

I thought I would never find the balm for me, that is until I discovered the tinted lip balm from Human Nature! I never saw any advertising on this product, but since it’s from a brand that I know and trust, I bought it, and am I glad I did!

Human Nature is a popular local and organic brand here in The Philippines. They are known mostly for their skincare and have branched out to make-up products.

The Human Nature Tinted Lip Balm comes in 5 different shades: Rosewood, Guava Jelly, Pink Orchid (pink), Flame Tree (red), and Island Kiss (coral).

photo taken from human nautre website

It has Cocoa Butter, an ingredient that does wonders for your lips to make sure it’s hydrated and moisturized.

Fun fact! According to the brand’s website:

Cocoa butter’s melting point is around 34-38°C, which is close to your normal body temperature. Because it melts upon contact with your lips, its emollient and moisturizing properties get absorbed into your skin easier.


Php 109.45 ($2.25) for 4g


Three things I absolutely love about this tinted lip balm.

First, is how moisturizing it feels on my lips. It didn’t feel drying, nor did it make my lips chappy and flaky like the Maybelline lip balm did.

Second is that minty, cooling sensation it has when applied. I really love that as it feels so refreshing!

And lastly, is the color! The color is super beautiful and pigmented. I chose the Flame Tree one and I was instantly in love with how it looked when it came in contact with my lips. The color is a beautiful muted, brick-red that suited my skin tone so well people were asking what shade of lipstick I was wearing! And unlike most lip balms that were glossy and shimmery, the Human Nature tinted balm was slightly matte. In the future, I definitely plan to buy all the other colors!

*note: According to their website, actual color register may vary depending on the pigmentation of your lips


-Super affordable



So far, I can’t find any con to it except it not being long-lasting, but then again it’s only a lip balm so I can’t expect it to last the whole day. Other than that, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try this amazing product and add it to your makeup bag. It checks all the lists on what makes a great lip balm without having to burn a hole in your pocket. I definitely recommend it to everyone out there!

Repurchase? = Yes!